Ba-tagging in Xe file repository

The purpose of this file repository is to share information about our Ba-tagging in Xe gas efforts at Stanford with people outside our collaboration. The general concept of our setup is in short described in the EMIS2012 conference proceedings (arxiv:1302.6940v1 / Nuclear Instruments and Methods B 317(2013)473).

A report on the most recent measurements is summarized in this document. Please note that this file is identical with the one compiled on May 8, 2014, except this version has contact information added to the document. This document mainly describes recent gas operations and ion extraction from 10 bar Xe and Ar. The measurements presented in chapter 4 were recorded with Ar gas at up to 7.8 bar. At these pressures, ions could successfully be extracted from the gas into a vacuum environment. Some of these measurements are also summarized in a presentation we put together for a workshop on possible ways to implement m/q selection in our setup.


EMIS2012 proceeding (arxiv:1302.6940v1 / Nuclear Instruments and Methods B 317(2013)473)

Status report May, 2014

Various presentations:

2015-06-05 Gratta Group seminar

TRIUMF seminar

TIPP conference 2014 (preliminary talk)

GXe Ba tagging status at EXO week Dec. 2014

Presentation on status of funnel and possible m/q identification

Misc. documents and links:

An early report on the first gas flow operation with the funnel.

EXO webpage

Gratta group webpage at Stanford

Picture repository on confluence (requires access)

For further information please contact Thomas Brunner ( ) or Dan Fudenberg ( ). Latest update September 7, 2014.